Goodbye Camel? FDA rules to restrict tobacco advertising


The Washington Post (3/19, Layton) reports that on Thursday, the FDA announced rules “that will severely restrict the way the tobacco industry can advertise and sell cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products, especially marketing efforts designed to appeal to children and teenagers.” Howard Koh, HHS’ assistant secretary for health, said, “This is truly a historic announcement in our country’s public health history. … This is designed to prevent our children from becoming the next generation of Americans to die early from tobacco-related illnesses.”
HHS Secretary Sebelius echoed that, saying, “The historic rule we’re issuing today will help our kids to stay healthy,” the New York Times (3/19, A14, Harris) reports. The rule will bar “sponsorship of sporting or entertainment events by tobacco companies,” and “would not allow non-tobacco products to have the same names as those on tobacco products and it restricts outdoor advertisements near schools.” The FDA “will ensure compliance” efforts which agency commissioner Margaret Hamburg said “are all important new activities that will make a real difference.”