From the Files of Leonard Lundy: 4 Things People Insist Upon While Texting & Driving

The argument that “everyone’s does it” does not come close to justify texting and driving. This is a very serious issue because texting and driving is very dangerous. In fact, statistics demonstrate that texting and driving is as likely to cause an accident as drinking and driving. Yet time and time again, drivers for some odd reason, try and justify their actions.

These are some of the things you’ll hear them say and why you shouldn’t buy it:

1. “I know what I’m doing. I’ll be fine.”

Really? Because if you knew what you were doing, you wouldn’t be doing it! If you really know what you’re doing, then you know that 23% of all auto collisions are a result of texting and driving. You would also know that you could be pulled over, ticketed and fined at any point.

2. “There’s no harm at texting at a stoplight. What could go wrong?”

Texting at a stoplight is dangerous. You are not concentrating. You are not looking ahead.   Your mind is elsewhere and accidents happen in a millisecond. Furthermore, the law says drivers can never text and it does not matter if you are stopped at a light. It is just plain illegal and you can be ticketed and incur a hefty fine. Don’t have the extra dough to spare? Hold off on that “on my way!”

3. “They can’t even prove I’m texting anyway.”

Sure they can. You were sending texts—all the police needs to do is take a look at your phone to prove it. They can subpoena your phone records and they will. It’s very easy to prove if you were sending or receiving texts.

4. “Hey, if I get caught, I’ll just blame the person texting me.” 

This one is a little tricky. First of all, if you’re trying to blame your friend then chances are you’re a pretty bad friend. You were texting and driving—and you know what you’re doing, right? So own up to it. But then again, we may have to go back to the phone records to determine this. How did you respond initially? Did you tell them you were texting and driving? Did they keep nagging you? How often? This is a very new field of law. It is presently being handled on a case by case basis.

Here’s the bottom line: Put your phone away. If you cannot reach your phone, you cannot send or receive texts. Just put it in the glove box, back seat or trunk. If it is important pull over, send or read your text, and then put it away. Tell your friends you are driving and you will respond when you get to your destination. Friends who are really friends don’t text you when they are told you are driving.

Texting and driving is a very dangerous habit. Its illegal, and it can be fatal. Don’t go there.