Soft Tissue Injury Causes Continuous Headaches and Migraines

Chester County Jury Awards Limited Tort Accident Victim 12 Times Judge’s Recommendation

A limited tort client was involved in a Chester County, Pennsylvania auto accident. She sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck and back and began to suffer from migraine headaches. She missed some work over the next couple of years due to the headaches, but was able to function. However, the migraines continued and at times were so significant that she would have to stop what she was doing and rest.

The migraines required frequent visits to a neurologist and prescription medications. Lundy Law was able to prove to a jury that the migraine headaches were directly related to the injuries suffered as a result of the car accident. While the client suffered headaches before the accident she was now on prescription medication to control the migraines.

The Judge tried to broker a settlement, but on the recommendation of Lundy Law, the client refused to accept the judge’s suggested settlement amount. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury awarded our client 12 times the judge’s recommended settlement amount.