The Real Reason Your Social Security Benefits were Denied

The Real Reason Your Social Security Benefits were Denied

After an injury, social security disability benefits can provide much needed income if you are no longer able to work. However, it is not unusual for the Social Security Administration to deny your disability benefits and there are many reasons why this denial occurs.

It is important to know that a denial of disability benefits is not necessarily the end of the road as you are permitted to appeal the denial. Before doing so, however, it is important to understand the true reasons your Social Security benefits were denied initially so that you can address those reasons in your appeal.

Problems with Paperwork

Social Security disability lawyers will tell you that filing a disability claim with Social Security requires a significant amount of paperwork. The paperwork also includes many instructions which were not written so that the average person can understand them.

If your claim has forms that are not filled out completely, you do not have the necessary supporting documents or there are items on the form that can be proven false, your claim may be denied.

Failure to Follow Proper Procedures

Social security disability is a legal process and this means that there are time limits and other procedures that must be followed. Although there is not a definite deadline for filing for benefits, there may be limits on how long you may receive benefits as well as the amount you may receive.

Delaying your filing could result in a reduction in the amount or length of time benefits may be paid.

You may need to release medical records, attend hearings or undergo medical examinations required by the agency. If you fail to work with the Social Security agency, it may result in your claim being denied.

Medical Disagreements

If you are not able to verify your medical condition, that may be the only reason your social security benefits were denied.

However, even if you were completely truthful and your doctor confirmed the diagnosis, the Social Security Administration may not agree with that diagnosis and require a second opinion.

In addition, you must follow through on any treatment your physician prescribes. If you do not go to physical therapy or refuse to take drugs that are prescribed for treatment, your claim may be denied.

Filing a claim for social security disability benefits is difficult, with multiple forms and complicated instructions. If you feel you are eligible to file for benefits, contact Lundy Law to help you through the process.

We can work with you and your doctor to be sure your paperwork is complete, your supporting documents are in order and that you follow the proper procedures. Our social security disability lawyers will guide you through the medical diagnosis so that you have a better chance of having your claim approved.