Slip and Fall Accident In Pennsylvania Leaves Two Police Officers Injured

October 21, 2008

Philly News reported two police officers were on routine patrol in the Bucks County community on Friday night when they were involved in a slip and fall accident in Pennsylvania.

The two police officers noticed a double-door side entrance was open at the Sand Castle winery and went to observe when the Pennsylvania fall accident occurred.

One of the officers went into the doorway and fell 40 feet down in an open freight elevator shaft. The other officer heard his shouts for help and he too fell down the shaft.

Both officers suffered serious injuries and multiple fractures as a result of the Pennsylvania fall accident. They were airlifted to Saint Luke’s Hospital.

Officials said the winery was closed at the time of the Pennsylvania premises liability accident. The doors to the freight elevator were accidently left open and there was no real break-in.

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