Shop Safely During the Holidays!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Now that we’re into the Christmas season, I want to remind you that while you’re out shopping, criminals are also making the rounds. Here are 10 tips to help you stay safe during the holidays:

Avoiding Pickpockets: Pickpocketing is a common crime in the streets and crowded areas. During Christmas season, pickpockets are also busy looking for their next victims in shopping malls.

1) Do not bring large amount of money or cash in your wallet especially while shopping.

2) Be alert when opening your wallet in public areas, pickpockets may get a chance to see the contents of your wallet.

3) Carry wallet with the awareness of pickpockets around. Put your wallet inside the coat pocket for men while at the bottom of bag for women.

4) Be suspicious of anyone in crowd. Common places for pickpockets are malls,buses, trams, subways, and other crowded areas.

5) Be vigilant when going to the bank especially if you carry a large cash of money

Avoiding Phishing Scams and Fly By Night Web Vendors

6) Shop only with reputable vendors

7) Confirm that the website in question actually belongs to the vendor. Also, never click on links to unsolicited emails. Type in the URL yourself.

8) If you make a purchase online, use a credit card only, never a debit card

9) If possible, use one-time use credit card numbers, called “controlled payment numbers” or “virtual account numbers,” for your online purchases.

10) Watch out for Charity Scams — be aware of high pressure phone sales and NEVER give out a credit card or debit card number over the phone.

For more tips on avoiding scams, check out ScamBusters. They’ve got some great up to date tips on current scams going on and detailed info. on how to avoid the scammers.

All the best from Lundy Law to you and yours…