Engine fire risk spurs GM to recall Cruze

June 26, 2012

The Detroit News (6/23, Shepardson, Burden) reported GM “is recalling all 475,000 Chevrolet Cruze compacts, from the first off the line in 2009 through May 31, after reports of engine fires. It’s a setback for the Detroit automaker looking to boost sales of fuel-efficient compact cars.” GM “will modify the engine shield, which will help prevent liquids from being trapped in the engine compartment, where a fire could start and spread.”

The Detroit Free Press (6/23, Bomey) explained the fires “can break out when fluids drip onto a hot plastic shield below the engine. The recall is not by any means the largest ever, but it represents a potential setback for the company that demonstrated with the strong-selling vehicle that it and Detroit could compete effectively in the high-m.p.g. compact car market.”

The New York Times (6/23, Vlasic, Subscription Publication) added, “The safety recall was one of two announced by G.M. on the Cruze.” The purpose of the second, separate recall “is to inspect for faulty welds on fuel-tank brackets. G.M. said it believed that 249 cars of the 61,000 in the recall could have weld problems.”

Feds open safety probe of Ford Explorers, Chrysler 200s. USA Today (6/23) reported, “Federal safety investigators are looking into complaints that the power steering can fail on 83,000 Ford Explorer SUVs from the 2011 model year.” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “says it has received 15 complaints in which drivers reported that it forced them to use more effort to steer the SUVs.” The Chrysler probe “involves complaints about engine stalling in Chrysler 200 midsize sedans from the 2011 model year that have 3.6-liter V-6 engines.”