State Legislators Look to Strengthen Delaware Dog Bite Laws

Suffering a serious dog bite injury can lead to a lifetime of rehabilitation and healing for the victim; however, due to state law in some areas, owners of dangerous canines may be allowed to keep their animals even after they inflict serious harm to others on numerous occasions.

Just ask the 8-year-old Delaware girl whom a dog bit two years ago while living in Wilmington. A story from NBC 10 News explained the girl was playing when the dog suddenly broke free and lunged towards her face. She sustained several bite wounds that left her with lacerations to the face, a broken jaw, and torn tear ducts. She now faces a lifetime of plastic surgery in order to correct the damage. Despite these life-threatening injuries, the dog was allowed to continue living with its owner.

This is because Delaware law requires an animal attack a person, another animal, and inflict serious injury in both situations in order for it to be taken from its owner. Some state lawmakers, like State Rep. Dennis Williams, find the law to be flawed though and have called for reforms to the regulation that would only require an animal to violate one of the statutes in order to be confiscated from its owner.

Williams adds the laws would still allow protections to animal owners if their dog were to bite someone who was trespassing or breaking into their home.

The Delaware personal injury lawyers with Lundy Law applaud the actions being taken to better protect the public from dangerous animals and are hopeful the reforms are successful in achieving this mission.