Pennsylvania Woman Seeks Compensation After Bus Accident

April 12, 2012

A 22-year-old Pennsylvania woman was back in court earlier this week, seeking compensation for the loss of her leg after being struck by a bus outside of her high school. According to The Inquirer, a jury awarded her $14 million in December 2011, but Pennsbury School District officials offered her only $500,000, which is the cap for damages in the state.

In January 2007, the girl was standing outside of her school with other students when a nearby bus accelerated into the group. The collision left the girl in a coma for several weeks, and she eventually lost part of her left leg. She claimed in court that the injuries had left her “disfigured” and struggling with depression. A jury agreed and awarded her the $14 million, but the school district counter-offered with the state cap on damages.

Lawyers argued in court Tuesday morning that the maximum amount allowed for compensation of $500,000 is unconstitutional. They added that the school district should also face sanctions and fines for failing to disclose a $10 million insurance policy until after the court proceedings for the case had ended.

The case will likely head to the United States Supreme Court as the judge hearing the case declined to comment on when he would give his ruling.

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