Pennsylvania Taxicab Accidents – What You Should Know When Pursuing a Lawsuit

Pennsylvania Taxicab Accidents For those living in big cities, taxicabs may be a way of life. Perhaps you take a cab every day to and from work, or utilize a cab at least a few days a week. Whether you own a car in the city or not, your chances of being involved in a taxicab accident are certainly greater than if you live further out from the city. Further, even if you do not utilize taxicabs yourself, you are still vulnerable to being involved in a taxicab accident as the other driver. From an initial standpoint, taxicab accidents are generally analyzed the same way as any other automobile accident. As an injured driver or passenger, you seek to determine who is at fault, and what party may be entitled to compensation.

However, taxicab accidents can be more complex than your ordinary accident. As an initial matter, regardless of whether you were a passenger in the taxicab at the time of the accident, or another driver involved in the accident, it will be important to determine if the taxicab driver is self-employed or works for a company. Depending upon the taxicab driver’s “status,” as an injured individual, you may have a cause of action against both the taxicab driver and the driver’s employer if the taxicab driver is found at fault for the accident.

Also, there is always the fear that any negligent driver does not have automobile insurance. This fear is especially present when it is uncertain whether or not a taxicab driver has insurance. Even with strict requirements, some taxicab drivers are bound to break the rules. Just as is the case with any other automobile accident, significant, debilitating injuries can result from a taxicab accident. Further, taxicab accidents often involve more than just two people. There could be multiple passengers in the taxicab at the time of the accident, in addition to multiple passengers of another vehicle involved in the accident.

How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

It isn’t always easy to determine who is at fault for an automobile accident, and taxicab accidents are no exception. Given that there are so many variables at stake, it is crucial to discuss your case with an attorney. It may turn out that more than one person or party is at fault, and it is important for your attorney to understand all of the facts shortly after the taxicab accident. A qualified attorney can analyze your case and work to quickly have your case resolved if you are entitled to compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

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Being involved in a taxicab accident is just as devastating as any other automobile accident. However, there are additional factors to take into consideration when dealing with taxicab accidents. To determine if you have a potential personal injury case, you will need to thoroughly discuss your situation with a highly skilled Pennsylvania Auto Accident Attorney right away. Regardless of what type of automobile accident you have been involved in, you deserve to receive compensation for the injuries you have suffered. With offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, the Auto Accident Attorneys of Lundy Law have the experience and dedication to provide you with the legal representation that you deserve. You shouldn’t have to suffer at the expense of another’s negligence. Auto accidents, no matter how minor or severe, can have a significant impact on your way of life. To discuss your situation with one of our attorneys, contact Lundy Law today by calling (800) LundyLaw to schedule your free consultation. Our attorneys are standing by to help you in any way they can.