Pennsylvania Ranks Fifth in Nation in Dog Bite Numbers

December 12, 2013

The holidays are in full swing, and that means families and friends are gathering together to celebrate. For the most part, this can be a joyous occasion, but sometimes all the excitement can be too much for a family dog, resulting in a biting incident.

The Pennsylvania Dog Bite Lawyers with Lundy Law explain that Pennsylvania saw a total of 165 reported dog bite injuries last year alone, making the state the fifth highest ranked state when it comes to dog bites. These injuries accounted for roughly one-third of all homeowner’s insurance liability payouts.

An article published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette stated that while the number of insurance claims associated with dog bites has declined by 1.4 percent in recent years, experts concede that the costs associated with the cases have risen by as much as 1.2 percent. This means that the settlements and court-ordered payouts going to victims of dog bite injuries are getting larger. The average cost associated with a dog bite injury in 2011 was $29,396, while the total last year was $29,752.

These numbers leave many wondering what action they should take if they suffer a dog bite injury. Lundy Law’s team of Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers urge anyone who has been harmed in a canine attack to discuss their legal options with an attorney to ensure their potential rights to compensation are protected.