Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawsuit Results in $5 Million Settlement

When a person is injured as the result of another individual’s negligence, the victim may have a right to seek compensation for damages from the responsible parties through civil litigation. The Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys with Lundy Law explain that a settlement was recently reached in such a case that was filed in a Sullivan County courtroom.

According to an article from NBC-Philadelphia News, the victim was on a camping trip with several relatives when he needed to use the restroom; however, the only facility available was a nearby portable toilet. While the victim was using the portable toilet, his cousin-in-laws decided to pull a prank by locking him in. They then began to bang on the walls of the unit, but inadvertently tipped the portable toilet over with the victim still inside.

As a result, the victim landed on his neck, causing him to be paralyzed from the shoulders down. He later filed a lawsuit against his cousins, as well as the manufacturer and installer of the toilet, claiming they were all directly responsible for the Catastrophic Personal Injury he suffered. Before a jury decided the case, a settlement of $5 million was reached between the parties involved.

Lundy Law and their team of attorneys recognize how difficult overcoming a serious accident can be. That’s why the firm is hopeful the decision that was reached in the recent lawsuit brings a sense of closure to the incident for the victim.