Pennsylvania Man Files Asbestos Exposure Lawsuit Against 30 Companies

November 15, 2012

Despite the dangers of asbestos exposure being widely known for several decades, little has been done to remove the chemical from products still be manufactured today. In fact, as many as 4,000 Americans are diagnosed with conditions they developed after exposure to asbestos each year.

The Daily Item tells the story of a Milton, Pennsylvania, man who recently filed an asbestos exposure lawsuit against 30 companies in U.S. Middle District Court. Documents show the companies to be manufacturers, processors, importers, and retailers of products containing asbestos the man used and was exposed to during his time working on boilers in the Navy and at Bucknell University over a roughly 45 year period. The lawsuits claim the companies were aware of the dangers workers using their products were being exposed to. Furthermore, they failed to protect workers’ health and safety by not protecting workers from the toxic chemical.

The lawsuit says this caused him to develop several asbestos-related health problems, and he is seeking more than $75,000 in damages for loss of wages, pain, and medical expenses. One of the common conditions developed from exposure to asbestos is Mesothelioma.

The Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers with Lundy Law understand just how serious and debilitating conditions caused by asbestos can be and encourage anyone who has developed a health condition that was potentially caused by exposure to asbestos to discuss their legal rights with a qualified attorney.