Duck Boat Tours Suspended on Anniversary of Fatal Crash

June 30, 2011

Philadelphia duck boat tours will not be in operation on Thursday, July 7th, in memoriam of the one-year anniversary of a fatal crash on the Delaware River. Duck boats are amphibious vehicles that are promoted as a creative way to see the sites around a city and cross large bodies of water.

ABC News 6 details the accident that occurred last year and killed two Hungarian tourists, a 16-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man, when their boat stalled in the middle of the Delaware River after experiencing engine troubles. The boat was waiting for assistance when a city barge plowed over the smaller vessel, sending passengers into the water and sinking the vehicle. It was later discovered the accident occurred because the operator of the barge was on his cell phone. In addition to the two fatalities, numerous passengers sustained injuries in the crash and required treatment at local hospitals.

The shutdown is planned as a day to remember and pay respect to victims who died and suffered in the accident. Owners of the business say they hope it allows individuals and families affected by the tragedy to gain a sense of closure.

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