Delaware Valley Prepares for a Big Winter Storm

Delaware Valley Prepares for a Big Winter Storm

By now, you’re likely aware that the weather forecast is calling for a big winter storm this weekend; the first winter weather we have received this season.  Meteorologists are even forecasting blizzard-like conditions for large portions of the tri-state area.  In addition to significant amounts of snow, ice, and sleet, cold temperatures, and strong winds can prove hazardous.

Lundy Law wants to make sure that you have the information and resources you need to stay safe as we weather the storm.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to prepare for Winter Storm Jonas:

  • Do you have enough food for your family for the long weekend?
  • Where is my Emergency First Aid Kit? Is it well stocked?
  • Do I have ice melt, kitty litter, or sand?
  • Do I need my prescriptions refilled?
  • Where are my flashlights? Do I have extra batteries?
  • Where is my emergency radio?
  • Is my shovel and ice scraper and snow blower in a convenient location?

If you were supposed to be traveling this weekend:

Other things you should consider:

  • Gather all of your devices; Laptops, tablets, and cell phones to charge them tonight.
  • Write down emergency phone numbers (just in case your phone dies) Family, Neighbors, local police and fire departments
  • Download NOAA Snow Forecast App to stay up to date on weather conditions in your exact location. Available for both Android and iOS
  • Download the Fox 29 News Mobile App to stay informed of local news. Available for both Android and iOS

Important Checklists to download:

Lundy Law would like to remind you that both information and preparation are crucial to staying safe and protecting loved ones.  We hope, first and foremost, that you remain safe and well.  But we also understand that accidents do happen.  In the event of an accident, please Remember This Name: 1-800-LundyLaw.  For 55 years, our team of experienced lawyers have been fighting for PA, NJ and DE.