$4.2 Million Settlement Reached In New Jersey Bullying Case

April 19, 2012

Bullying recently gained public attention thanks to several high profile cases, in which one teen bullying another led to the victim’s death or serious injury. The NY Daily News reported that a $4.2 million settlement was reached Wednesday between a New Jersey school district and a young man who was paralyzed by a punch to the stomach by a bully.

The incident occurred on May 16, 2006, when the boy was a 12-year-old seventh grader at Eric Smith Middle School in Ramsey, New Jersey. That day, one of the boy’s classmates, who was known to have violent and aggressive behavior toward other students, hit him with his fist in the abdomen. The hit dropped him to his knees, but he got up and continued normally through his day other than complaining of back pain that evening when he got home. Less than 48 hours after the incident occurred, a blood clot in the boy’s spine resulting from the blow left him paralyzed from the waist down.

The victim had luckily contacted a guidance counselor months before the incident to document several other episodes of being bullied by the boy who punched him, which helped the court reach its decision.

The New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers with Lundy Law ask that you help put an end to bullying by discussing the topic with your children. If your child is being bullied, report the incident to school officials.