$1.6 Million Settlement Reached In Pennsylvania Fracking Lawsuit

July 19, 2012

Fracking, an oil and gas exploration technique, is being hotly debated right now across Pennsylvania. The process works by pumping water and hundreds of toxic chemicals into deeply drilled shafts in the ground to break up bedrock. While the technique may help companies dig faster and deeper to find more resources, it has also been linked to poisoning water and destroying land.

An article from Bloomberg Businessweek discussed a study conducted at Duke University that found fracking might be putting Pennsylvania’s water supplies at risk of contamination by harmful chemicals. The study examined 426 water samples from around the state that were collected near fracking sites. The results showed that there were roots for seepage from the sites.

Some families have already filed Philadelphia personal injury lawsuits against the drilling companies. A Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, family recently reached a $1.6 million settlement with Chesapeake Energy after toxins from fracking by the company contaminated the well at their home. The company was fined more than $1 million by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection after the agency concluded the company’s operations had polluted the wells of 16 homes in the region.

The New Jersey & Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers with Lundy Law would encourage anyone who has been affected negatively by fracking to explore what legal options may be available to you by discussing your case with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.