Pennsylvania Illegal Home Daycare Closed After Police Called

October 27, 2011

When we think of nursing home abuse, our first thoughts are of an elderly individual being hurt or neglected. What we tend to forget though, is that many of the regulations in place for elderly care facilities also mandate the daily functions of daycares as well.

The case of an illegally run daycare in Mill Creek Falls, Pennsylvania, is a prime example. NBC-Philadelphia reports investigators were called to the home-run business after a parent reported her daughter might have been sexually assaulted while at daycare. although investigators did discover that a pre-teen boy touched the girl inappropriately and referred both the children to Social Services, it was not the worst thing they found.

Investigators reported feces and urine were found from a disabled man found living in the house on the same floor the children played on. They stated children were exposed to dangerous conditions such as box fans on floors, liquor bottles, and tools. One child was found in a car seat  that had been left alone in a  back bedroom for more than a half hour. Not to mention, four adults with no background checks were living in the home.

The owners of the home and business were charged with numerous crimes including endangering the welfare of children and deceptive business practices. If convicted, they face up to seven years in prison.

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