Woman Seriously Injured In Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Caused By Drunk Driver

July 25, 2013

Repeat drunk driving offenders present a significant risk on the highway. In fact, statistics from the non-profit organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) show that as many as one third of individuals convicted of drunk driving will continue to engage in the behavior.

One such offender was responsible for causing a Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident that left a 31-year-old woman seriously injured. Records show the incident occurred at approximately 9 p.m. Thursday, July 11, along MacDade Boulevard.

According to an article from My FOX Philly News, the victim was operating a Suzuki motorcycle when the 54-year-old driver of a Nissan sports car pulled out of a restaurant parking lot and collided with the bike head-on.

Police were able to determine the man was heavily under the influence of alcohol and placed him under arrest. It was later discovered that the incident was the man’s eleventh arrest for Driving Under the Influence. He is now facing numerous charges, including aggravated assault with a vehicle while under the influence.

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist was rushed to a local hospital for treatment to an injured rotator cuff, a fractured arm, and broken wrists, pelvis, and ankle.

The Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers with Lundy Law recognize the dangers drunk driving can present and ask that motorists do their part to stay safe by never getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol.