Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Leaves Woman Seriously Injured

March 28, 2013

Data shows that in the event of a motorcycle accident, there is 98 percent likelihood that the rider of the bike involved in the crash will sustain an injury. Unfortunately though, the costs associated with these injuries can often leave the victim with nothing to spare.

An Eden, New York, woman is a prime example of individuals who may lose everything due to a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Injury. The crash happened in September of last year on a rural road.

An article from WIVB 4 News explained the woman and her boyfriend were riding down the road on separate bikes when a tractor-trailer suddenly pulled out in front of them from a secondary road. The woman did not have time to stop and collided with the truck.

The impact of the collision tossed the woman and the bike through the air. Somehow, the victim’s leg became stuck in the spokes of the bike and it separated from her body upon impact with the asphalt.

The woman may now lose her home due to mounting medical bills and her inability to continue working.

The Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers with Lundy Law explain an individual who is hurt in an accident that is the result of another driver’s negligence may be entitled to compensation for damages. That’s why the firm recommends discussing your legal options with an attorney if you have sustained such an injury.