Free Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Courses Being Offered

Every year in Pennsylvania there are a large number of motorcycle accidents reported. Experts believe a large portion of these accidents could be avoided if more motorcycle riders received professional safety training prior to taking their bikes on the road.

This is made apparent by statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation that shows last year, there were 860,377 licensed motorcyclists and 405,209 registered bikes in the state; however, there were only 21,196 riders who participated in motorcycle safety training programs despite the number of training centers offering these courses steadily growing.

The state is hoping to reduce Pennsylvania motorcycle accident numbers by getting more riders to participate in these courses. One way they are doing so is by offering the classes to motorcyclists at no charge.

An article from The Meadville Tribune states there are three different courses to choose from: a beginner, an intermediate, and an advanced class. The classes focus on offering riders both classroom and hands-on training covering all aspects of motorcycle safety. A schedule of dates and times these courses can be taken is available on the web, as well as by calling (800) 845-9533 Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to noon.

At Lundy Law, our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are aware of the importance of motorcycle safety and encourage riders of all experience levels to sign up to participate in one of these courses.