Pennsylvania Doctor Loses License Amidst Claims of Wrongdoing

Doctors and medical staff have a legal and ethical obligation to protect the well-being of patients who are under their care; however, the Philadelphia personal injury attorneys with Lundy Law point out these individuals too often fail to uphold these obligations by making mistakes, providing negligent care, or in some cases, purposefully harming patients.

Take the case of a Pennsylvania gynecologist who recently lost his license after engaging in inappropriate behaviors with patients. The Branford Era reports patients and employees of the doctor began to come forward claiming he had sexually assaulted and abused them. An employee stated that on January 27 the doctor grabbed her buttocks and made a sexually suggestive comment to her. A patient is arguing that she was fondled following an examination that occurred in June.

Charges are being brought against the doctor, and in addition to punishment for his actions, his license was suspended indefinitely. Officials state that while the patients who were victims may have rights to file a Pennsylvania medical malpractice claim against the doctor, no such civil claims have been made.

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