New Jersey Anesthesiologist’s License Suspended After Botched Surgery

June 14, 2012

Doctors must undergo a rigorous examination process to ensure that they have the proper training to perform procedures safely on patients. If a doctor is engaged in medical malpractice, the doctor may be subject to having his or her medical license revoked.

This was the case for one anesthesiologist earlier this week when the New Jersey State Board of Medical examiners discovered he was performing spinal surgery on patients without the proper education and training. According to NBC 10 Philadelphia, the suspension came on the heels of six surgeries coming to light that he had performed on patients—one of whom suffered a serious infection and required corrective surgery.

The board also noted that the anesthesiologist’s license had been suspended for six months in 2003 after he had failed to notify it of his negligent manslaughter conviction two years prior after a patient he had sedated for a tooth extraction went into cardiac arrest and died.

The charges of New Jersey Medical Malpractice come after the board and anesthesiologist agreed last month he would not be allowed to anesthetize any other patients until a hearing could be conducted and he would change misleading wording on his practice’s website. The anesthesiologist has failed to meet both demands.

The New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers with Lundy Law suggest closely examining a doctor’s credentials before being treated. Also, never hesitate to seek a second opinion from another qualified medical professional.