Halloween Safety Guide For Parents

Halloween Safety Guide For Parents

Celebrating Halloween is a rite of passage for many children in the United States, with fun costumes, parties and trick-or-treating for candy. However, parents may be concerned about how safe it is for children to participate in some of these activities. Lundy Law offers these easy tips to keep your children safe during the Halloween celebrations.


One of the activities that children look forward to at Halloween is dressing in costume and going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. There are a few things to keep in mind when taking children out for this annual event.

Adding reflective tape to costumes helps other drivers see the children more easily after dark. Always carry a flashlight while walking through darkened streets so you can see more clearly and drivers can see you better as well.

Remind children not to enter a home, but to remain on the front step or porch where they can be clearly seen by a supervising adult.

Examine all treats for tampering or choking hazards. Unless you know the person who gives them to your child, do not allow them to eat homemade treats. Instead, only allow them to eat factory-wrapped candies.

To protect trick-or-treaters that come to your home, be sure walking areas are well-lit and free of obstacles and consider providing healthier options such as stickers or pencils rather than candy.

Costume Safety

When helping your children with costumes, remember to choose store-bought costumes that are labeled flame-retardant.

If you are making costumes yourself, be sure the materials chosen are resistant to flames. Be sure wigs and beards do not cover the noses, eyes or mouth of your children. Masks can be dangerous as they can block vision.

Instead, use non-toxic face paint or makeup. Be sure to test all makeup and face paint on a small area of skin to be sure your child does not have an allergic reaction.

Do not permit your child to use colored or decorative contact lenses unless they have been approved by the child’s eye doctor. Be sure that any props, such as swords or wands, are short and flexible.

Halloween Decorating

Another rite of passage for children each year is carving pumpkins, but this can be a dangerous task if parents do not follow a few safety tips.

Never let small children use knives, but have them draw their design on the outside of the pumpkin with permanent marker so that you or an older child can carve the design for them.

Keep children away from the pumpkin as you carve so you are not distracted or they come to close to the knife you are using. Let children scoop out the pumpkin guts using an ice cream scoop, long-handled spoon or their fingers. Instead of lighting a candle in the pumpkin, choose a glow stick or flameless candle.

These simple tips can help you and your children have a safe and happy Halloween. However, if you or a child are injured during Halloween festivities, Lundy Law is here to help. Call us at 1-800-LUNDYLAW or fill out our contact form.