Obama Makes it Easier to Appeal Health Claim Denials

This should be a ray of hope to anyone who has had their medical claim denied.

USA Today (7/23, Young) reports, “Consumers will get new and expanded rights to appeal denials of health insurance claims under federal regulations released Thursday.” These “rules, part of the nation’s new health care law, will make it easier for consumers to dispute an insurer’s decision within the plan and require coverage to continue during the appeal, said Phyllis Borzi, an assistant secretary in the Department of Labor.” Meanwhile, HHS announced on Thursday “a $30 million grant program for states to create or strengthen programs that help consumers find insurance and challenge claims denials.” Jay Angoff, director of HHS’ Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, “said the rules and grants will help end ‘some of the worst’ insurer abuses: ‘For too long, consumers have been forced to fend for themselves.'”