Studies funded by pharmaceutical industry more likely to show positive results


This isn’t a big surprise, but worth keeping in mind. Don’t believe everything you read. Be a smart consumer of health care!
The Los Angeles Times (8/2, Roan) “Booster Shots” blog reported, “According to an analysis of drug trials published Monday, studies were much more likely to be positive — that is, showing the drug worked — in trials that were funded by the pharmaceutical industry.” A review of 546 drug trials “found that industry-funded trials reported positive outcomes 85% of the time, compared with 50% of the time for government-funded trials and 72% of the time for trials funded by nonprofits or non-federal organizations.” But, among “the nonprofit or non-federal studies, those that received industry contributions were more likely to be positive (85%), compared with those that did not have any industry support (61%).”