Have Fun At The Pool This Weekend — Stay Safe

You’re probably planning on spending some time by someone’s pool this weekend. Playing in the water is fun, but remember to keep safe, especially if you’ve got the kids with you. Here are a few tips from the National Institutes of Health for water safety this weekend:

  • Avoid alcohol when swimming or boating
  • Wear a life jacket whenever you’re in a boat
  • Don’t swim alone, or in bad weather
  • Learn CPR
  • Learn to swim and teach your children to swim
  • Supervise your children when they are in the water
  • And, of course, to prevent sunburns, use plenty of sunscreen

I can give you a few more. Like we did in camp, have a swim buddy, keep rescue gear and a cell phone handy and make sure to have a first-aid kit nearby. If you do these things in advance, then you can take it easy while you’re in the water. Have a happy and healthy Memorial Day. Put a burger on the grill for me!