Business Owners Want Eased Restrictions on Child Safety

In a time of recession, some people think that any pro-business argument will hold sway. I was stunned to read in MarketWatch (12/3, Okray) that “small-business owners called on Congress  to ease child-safety policies” because “they can’t afford to comply with the new regulations” in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

It looks like some lawmakers are saying that the rules are needed to keep kids safe. In particular, this applies to clothing, furniture, sports gear and toys. After the law was enacted, child deaths dropped by half in 2009 and recalls dropped from 172 in 2008 to just 15, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

MarketWatch noted that Lawmakers have proposed amendments to CPSIA, including a requirement for third-party testing at a certified laboratory and even-lower safety levels for toxic substances such as lead.

Recent recalls of glassware containing lead and cadmium; baby slings, harnesses and cribs that pose fall and suffocation hazards; and toys posing choking hazards should remind us that child safety is an ever present concern. Let’s not allow economic arguments to distract us from the real concern — keeping our kids safe.

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