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Woman Seriously Injured In Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Caused By Drunk Driver

July 25, 2013 Repeat drunk driving offenders present a significant risk on the highway. In fact, statistics from the non-profit…

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Couple From Philadelphia Seriously Injured In Motorcycle Accident

June 13, 2013 A man and woman from Philadelphia were both seriously injured in a recent Motorcycle Accident. Records show…

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Repeat DUI Offender Responsible For Deadly Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident

May 2, 2013 A 49-year old man from the town of West Chester is being held in the Chester County…

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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Leaves Woman Seriously Injured

March 28, 2013 Data shows that in the event of a motorcycle accident, there is 98 percent likelihood that the…

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Motorcycle Accident Leaves Philadelphia Man Seriously Injured

September 12, 2012 A 27-year-old Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, man was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident earlier this week. According to…

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CDC study promotes motorcycle helmet laws

June 18, 2012 The AP (6/17, Stobbe) reported, “About five times as many no-helmet biker deaths occur in states with…

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Biker groups lobbying against stricter enforcement of motorcycle helmet laws

June 11, 2012 The Philadelphia Inquirer (6/11, Schmitt) reports, “In a highly touted safety achievement, deaths on the nation’s roads…

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Black Riders More Likely to Die in Motorcyle Accidents

Multiple media outlets inclujding Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, Time Magazine, Newsweek, and HealthDay News are citing the results of a study that says…

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Think Motorcycle Safety

Women are increasingly riding motorcycles. Here’s a clip on NBC about ways to practice motorcycle safety on the road.

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Experts fear scooter boom will result in more rider deaths

Is it dangerous to ride a scooter? Experts say yes — if you fail to take get proper safety training….

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