How One Piece of Equipment Could Save Your Life in a Pennsylvania Boating Accident

While boating in Pennsylvania can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, it also comes with inherent risks of accidents. In fact, the state’s Fish & Boat Commission reports in 2011 alone the Pennsylvania boating accident count swelled to 86 and resulted in 22 deaths.

One of the best ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones from harm when on the water is always wearing a life preserver. Experts say that of the 22 fatalities that occurred in boating accidents in 2011, sixteen of the vessels were equipped with unused life jackets.

The life-saving abilities of this simple piece of safety equipment were demonstrated in a recent Pennsylvania boating accident as well. Montgomery Media reports that a vessel traveling up the Schuylkill River broke apart, throwing three of the craft’s occupants into the water at a high rate of speed. Officer Bobby Bonney of the Pennsylvania Waterways Conservation headed up the investigation into the accident and stated two of the accident’s survivors were alive today because they were wearing their life preservers.

At Lundy Law, our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers recognize the importance of wearing a life jacket anytime the boat you are on is moving and implore you to ensure your vessel is equipped with enough life jackets for everyone on board prior to leaving the dock.