Study Shows Certain Factors May Compound Chances of Birth Injury

The day of delivery is likely to be one of the most exciting days in a parent’s life; however, complications during the birthing process can result in serious injury to an infant. Harm to the brain is the most common form of child and birth injury, affecting three of every 1,000 infants that are delivered in the United States.

There can be multiple causes for such injuries as well and a new study is showing many of the contributing factors may be present long before the birthing process. The study was published in Obstetrics & Gynecology and showed that while it was previously believed oxygen deprivation was the leading cause of birth-related brain injury, factors such as placental abnormalities, hyperthyroidism, infection, and bleeding could have an effect as well.

The discovery leaves many parents-to-be wondering what can be done to reduce the chances of such an injury occurring to their child during delivery. Researchers believe when the child’s heart rate drops and oxygen supply is low, cesarean delivery is the most effective way to prevent injury. Experts also point to research showing hypothermia treatment to be effective in reducing potential brain injury.

Although there are ways to prevent these injuries, it’s impossible to prevent all accidents during delivery from occurring. That’s why our team of Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Lundy Law is here to help.

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