Tips to Prevent Pennsylvania Car Accidents This Thanksgiving

Next week is Thanksgiving. That means it’s not only time to carve the turkey, but also time to think about highway safety. A seven percent increase in the number of Americans who will travel for the holiday is expected this year. Furthermore, 60 percent of those who travel by car plan to drive more than 200 miles.

An increase in traffic volume will likely result in an increase in the number of Pennsylvania car accidents as well. In 2012, the days surrounding Thanksgiving saw an estimated 4,300 motor vehicle collisions in the state and 50 fatalities.

This leave many citizens wondering what they can do to reduce the risk of car accidents this Thanksgiving. Several options include:

  • Travel Later– While it may seem like getting an early start would be wise, reports from NBC 10 News show 27 percent of travelers plan to leave the Monday before Thanksgiving, while only 22 percent plan to travel the day of Thanksgiving. Also, 30 percent of travelers plan to head back home Sunday after Thanksgiving, whereas that percentage drops by five points the following day.
  • Take An Alternative Route– While it may take more time, taking a secondary route to your destination may have less traffic, which means less chance of an accident occurring.
  • Be Patient– If you find yourself in traffic, slow down and give other vehicles plenty of space.

At Lundy Law, we recognize the importance of being vigilant on the road at the holidays. That’s why our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers hope these tips will help to keep you and your loved one safe this Thanksgiving.