Sending Texts To Drivers In New Jersey Could Result In Civil Action

August 29, 2013

The New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers with Lundy Law explain most drivers in the state are aware of the penalties they may face for sending a text message while at the wheel. What many citizens may not realize though, is that they may soon face stiff penalties for sending a text message to someone else who is driving.

An article from CNN News discussed how a state appellate court had ruled individuals who send text messages to another person who is known to be driving and likely to read the text message while operating a vehicle, may be held responsible for any resulting crash through civil litigation.

The decision was made in connection to a crash that occurred in September 2009, after a driver who was texting and driving veered across the center dividing lines of a highway and struck a couple on a motorcycle. Both motorcyclists lost their legs as a result of injuries sustained in the impact.

They sued both the driver and the woman he was texting. A settlement was reached with the driver responsible for the crash; however, the ruling issued Tuesday now holds the woman sending the driver text messages responsible as well.

Lundy Law’s team of New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers recognize the dangers of distracted driving and ask all citizens to refrain from sending texts to those who are driving or viewing texts while at the wheel of a vehicle.