Philadelphia Implements New Roadway Safety Campaign

March 21, 2013

Data from the Office of Transportation and Utilities indicate that a pedestrian or cyclist suffers a Philadelphia Auto Accident Injury once every 13 days. In an effort to help reduce this number, the city has implemented a safety campaign entitled, Drive Right, Ride Right, Walk Right.

According to The Montgomery News, the campaign will consist of different signs promoting safety hung across the city. Officials say the signs will be placed at more than 50 bus shelters and will also be placed on as many as 65 of the city’s buses.

The signs feature simple designs match with catchy slogans, such as “Cars Have Bumpers. You Don’t.” or “The Sign Doesn’t Say Sorta Stop”. The messages were designed to be simple and deliberate according to Rina Cutler, the Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Utilities. Cutler added this is to make it clear that every motorist, cyclist, and pedestrian is not only responsible for their own safety, but that of others around them as well.

The hope is that the $125,000 campaign, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, will pay dividends in reducing the roughly $1 billion annual price tag the city faces in economic costs associated with traffic accidents.

The Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys with Lundy Law applaud the efforts the city is making towards improving transportation safety. The firm is hopeful the campaign is successful in attaining the goals officials have established.