Pennsylvania State Troopers Administering Blood Tests To Suspected Drunk Drivers

January 31, 2013

If you are pulled over by a Pennsylvania state trooper or are involved in a Pennsylvania Auto Accident and are under suspicion of driving under the influence, be prepared to have a blood sample drawn. According to NBC 10 Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania State Police have temporarily halted their use of Breathalyzer testing due to questions about its accuracy.

The policy change was made following the ruling in a case by Dauphin County’s Judge Lawrence F. Clark, Jr., in which he found the test is inaccurate above a blood alcohol reading of .15 percent and results at any level should be considered “extremely questionable.” Evidence in the case showed the devices might not be properly calibrated to give an accurate reading about a person’s blood alcohol level.

Now, state troopers will exclusively test blood samples from suspected drunk drivers to determine their levels of intoxication. Most experts feel it is not only a more accurate testing method, but can also detect the presence of other drugs in suspect’s bloodstream.

Breath tests will not be completely eliminated from the state though, as local police and sheriff’s departments will continue to use the breath testing devices.

The Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers at Lundy Law would like to applaud the work of law enforcement organizations to keep our roadways safe and advise motorists to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated.