Pennsylvania Man Arrested Twice In One Night For DUI

September 22, 2011
Some people just don’t learn their lesson. Take, for instance, the case of a Washington, Pennsylvania man who was arrested for driving under the influence two times in one night. The second time, only minutes after he was released from his first arrest.
According to NBC-Philadelphia, the 58-year-old suspect was taken into custody Monday night by Pennsylvania State Police after being suspected of DUI. Test results showed that the man’s blood alcohol level was double the legal limit at the time of his arrest. He was booked and released into the custody of “a responsible party,” who then took the man back to his vehicle. Within 15 minutes of being released, the same trooper who arrested the man the first time saw the man driving again and pulled him over. Of course, he was still drunk and was arrested again.
When asked why he was driving after his arrest earlier in the evening, the man responded he had only had a couple of beers and just wanted to drive his new car home. If the charges stick, it may be the last time he drives that new car for a while.
The Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorneys with Lundy Law would like to ask that anyone who has been drinking to not get behind the wheel. If your friends have been drinking, don’t let them drive either. It takes a group effort to stop the problem of drunk driving.