Pennsylvania Highway Deaths at Record Low

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the number of highway deaths in 2013 was 1,208, the lowest number since 1928 when statistics were first recorded. That specific number is a possible indicator that the $50 million PennDOT has invested in driver safety improvements over the past five years is beginning to pay off.

Despite the encouraging numbers, PennDot Secretary Barry J. Schoch does not believe in resting on their laurels.

“Though Pennsylvania has made significant progress in reducing highway crashes and deaths, our efforts to ensure that all travelers reach their destinations safely will remain paramount,” Schoch said in a recent press release. “However, our efforts cannot reach their potential if drivers refuse to do their part by observing traffic laws and always using common sense on our roads.”

Despite decreases in the number of fatalities caused by speeding, drunk driving, and unbuckled passengers, the state saw an increase in fatalities caused by distracted driving. One of the most common causes of such crashes was texting and driving, a growing epidemic we at LundyLaw are doing something to combat. In a PSA commercial spot for a past Memorial Day, Leonard Lundy encouraged drivers to put down the phone while texting in order to arrive safe.

Unfortunately, despite the valiant efforts of PennDOT and LundyLaw, it’s impossible to prevent all accidents from occurring. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a car accident, call one of our Philadelphia auto accident attorneys today. We want to help.