Pennsylvania Bus Company Shut Down Over Safety Concerns

December 29, 2011

Concerns for vehicle and driver safety have led federal regulators to shut down a bus company. According to ABC 6 News, the company was told to cease operation immediately in light of claims by inspectors of improper maintenance of vehicles and their logs, along with charges of falsified records concerning driver drug and alcohol screenings prior to and during employment.

The number of passenger bus accidents has dramatically grown in recent years. Just this past June, another tour bus company was shut down after one of their drivers was involved in a deadly crash along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It was later determined by investigators that not only did the driver not take his pre-employment drug and alcohol screening, but also, the company had another driver involved in a separate fatal accident earlier in the month that killed one person and injured two-dozen others.

In response to a growing number of passenger bus accidents across the country, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has increased its number of safety reviews and inspection to more than double what it used to be.

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