What Happens in the Aftermath of a Head-on Collision?

What Happens in the Aftermath of a Head-on Collision
There are few things that are scarier than traveling down the road and realizing that there is a vehicle coming straight for you in your lane of traffic. This can happen on a multi-lane divided highway, where a person has gotten onto the road going in the wrong direction. It also can happen when you are driving down a back road and somebody decides to pass another vehicle when there is no room to do so. These car accidents also can occur when you are traveling straight through a light and someone runs the read making a left turn. Regardless of the circumstances of the auto accident, the harm to the driver and passengers in the colliding vehicles often is severe.

The types of injuries that result from a head-on crash include:

  • Severe head injuries;
  • Traumatic brain injury;
  • Damage to the spinal cord;
  • Cracked ribs;
  • Severe breaks and fractures to bones throughout the body;
  • Serious nerve damage;
  • Partial or complete paralysis;
  • Trauma from burn injuries;
  • Organ damage and deep lacerations;
  • Whiplash and whiplash associated disorders; and
  • Permanent disfigurement.

The reason that these car accidents produce such serious injuries is the physics of the collision, when two vehicles are moving towards each other at a high rate of speed. Therefore, the impact force is doubled as a result of the dynamics of the motor vehicle accident. This type of car crash also leads to the engine compartment being impacted with such force as to push it into the compartment of the vehicle, leading to devastating harm to the driver and any front seat passenger. The fact is that head-on collisions account for a small percentage of motor vehicle accidents at only two percent (2%) of collisions, but lead to ten percent (10%) of motor vehicle fatalities.

Victims who have lived through this devastating event often face a lifetime of medical and physical challenges. It may be impossible for a person to carry out the most basic of routine functions. Family members may be called upon to handle physical care and manage the daily tasks and financial affairs of the injured party. This means that not only does the victim face medical bills and lost wages, but his or her loved one also may be forced to give up a career to provide necessary care. If there is no family member who can provide this type of assistance, then the victim may need to hire personal aids to be able to live outside of an assisted living facility.

A person who faces debilitating pain likely will not be able to continue to work or will need to find a different position where there are fewer physical and emotional demands. Post-traumatic stress disorder often results in this type of terrible accident. The severity of this type of auto accident has consequences for the rest of the victim’s life, which means that the damages that are awarded need to cover a lifetime of care and support, as well as pain and suffering, not merely the expenses that exist at the time of the award.

It is critical for a person who has suffered devastating injuries in a head-on collision, or other severe auto accident, to hire experienced auto accident attorneys who understand just how dramatically his life has changed. The compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys at Lundy Law realize how much you are going to rely on the compensation that you receive to struggle to reclaim some quality of life. We have financial experts to testify about the far-ranging costs of ongoing medical treatment, assistance, and modifications to the home and car. Lost wages and lost earning potential also will be a critical part of the calculation. Medical experts will convey the severity of the harm that you suffered. Lundy Law will fight to get you everything that you deserve. We are ready to hear about your accident in a free and confidential consultation and help you determine the best possible strategy for you. To schedule a meeting, please call us at 1-800-LundyLaw, or complete our free online consultation form.