Five Injured When Car Flies Through Restaurant Window

August 25, 2011

It was the typical lunchtime rush inside the Taco Bell in East Norriton, Pennsylvania, last Wednesday afternoon. That is, until a large car came flying through a window and injured five people.

According to reports by NBC-Philadelphia, the restaurant at the corner of Dekalb Pike and Colonial Drive was packed with customers at the time when the blue, Buick sedan came soaring through the window.

One witness described the shattering glass as having the sound of an explosion, then seeing a woman pinned beneath the car.  He stated, “She had some serious injuries, her legs were backwards, there was blood, and she was having problems breathing.”

Another woman had to be airlifted to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to be treated for severe injuries. Three other victims were taken to Mercy Hospital to be treated for less severe injuries received in the accident.

Witnesses say after the crash, the elderly driver got out of the car and was very disoriented. The husband of one of the women injured said the man kept asking, “ How did I get here?” and if  “Everyone was okay?”

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