Driver Charged After Fatal Tracy Morgan Truck Accident

Drowsy driving is a serious hazard on the roads today, especially when drivers of commercial tractor-trailers are the ones in need of rest. The government has worked to address this problem by placing regulations on the amount of rest the drivers must get, as well as on the amount of time they are allowed to operate their vehicle each week. Furthermore, there is legislation—like Maggie’s Law—which states a driver who causes a motor vehicle accident fatality after being up more than 24-hours can face as long as 10-years-behind bars.

Both of these laws have come into play after a New Jersey truck accident left comedian, Tracy Morgan, and members of his entourage seriously injured. One other passenger in Morgan’s vehicle was killed.

An article from NBC Philadelphia News explains Morgan’s vehicle was traveling along the New Jersey Turnpike from an event in Delaware when it had to stop for traffic. The 35-year-old driver of a Wal Mart tractor-trailer failed to recognize Morgan’s halted vehicle in front of him and plowed into its rear, leaving four passengers injured and one dead.

An investigation into the crash found the driver of the truck had been up longer than 24-hours prior to the crash and is now facing charges of both assault and death by motor vehicle under Maggie’s Law.

The incident highlights the importance of a thorough investigation following a truck crash and the best way to ensure this process is completed properly is to have legal representation by your side.

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