Delaware Adopts New Campaign to Reduce Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

August 8, 2013

Delaware has seen a staggering number of motor vehicle collisions involving pedestrians in recent years. In fact, 30 pedestrians’ lives were claimed last year as a result of Delaware Car Accident Injuries, and another 15 have died so far this year.

In an effort to reduce this number, state officials have partnered with the Office of Highway Safety, the Delaware State Police, and the Delaware Department of Transportation to create a campaign called, “Don’t Join The Walking Dead”. The program features a public service announcement aimed at raising awareness of using crosswalks, obeying traffic signals, and using flashlights while walking during low-light hours, by showing those not following safety tips as undead zombies. Officers are conducting safety checks at intersections where accidents are most common and are distributing information and reflective string backpacks as part of the campaign as well.

While the campaign has rallied quite a bit of public attention, an article from NBC-Philadelphia News explains many citizens are calling the campaign’s zombie theme disrespectful to accident victims and their families. They believe depicting pedestrians walking in an unsafe manner as monsters is unsympathetic and inconsiderate.

The Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers with Lundy Law would like you to weigh in on the topic. Is Delaware’s zombie pedestrian campaign quirky and catchy? Or is it insensitive to those who have lost loved ones to pedestrian accidents? Tell us what you think by posting to our Facebook page.