How You Can Help Your Teen Avoid a Philadelphia Car Accident

If you’ve driven in Philadelphia for any amount of time, you know the endeavor can be a dangerous one. In fact, studies have shown drivers in the city will be involved in a motor vehicle collision every 6.2 years and are 61.2 percent more likely to be involved in a crash than the average American.

Teen drivers seem to be at the highest risk of being involved in a Philadelphia car accident. That’s why state and local officials have created a set of rules young, inexperienced drivers must abide by.

An article from CBS Philly News explains teens in Pennsylvania must be 16-years-old to obtain a learner’s permit. Then, they must complete 65 hours of driving training prior to testing for a junior license. They must hold that restricted license for one year without any accidents before being allowed to test for a full license.

The system seems to be working too. Research has shown the required driving courses have reduced collisions by 4.3 percent.

At Lundy Law, our team of Philadelphia personal injury attorneys knows parents talking to teen motorists about driving safety is also crucial in keeping our roadways safe. That’s why we suggest creating a driving contract you and your teen both sign that outlines the rules of the road, such as no distracted driving, always wear a seat belt, and never get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming drugs or alcohol.