Accidents Frequently Occur at Gas Station Convenience Stores

Accidents Frequently Occur at Gas Station Convenience Stores While U.S. gas stations and the convenience stores attached to them offer people a quick way to fill up their tanks and purchase a cup of coffee, they can also be extremely dangerous. For instance, many people are pressed for time when entering and exiting gas stations. As a result, this can lead to serious and sometimes fatal collisions with unknowing pedestrians and other vehicles in their paths. To illustrate, individuals who exit convenience store parking lots or who pull away from a gas tank are not always paying attention to their surroundings. Moreover, pedestrians often become victims of accidents due to the fact that they may be more focused on the item that they just purchased rather than on their own safety. As such, it is crucial to consider the following tips when going to a gas station:

  • Make sure to keep a safe distance from other cars when filling up your gas tank. This way, you avoid becoming the victim of a rear end crash or other type of serious accident.
  • Look both ways before crossing a gas station parking lot or pulling out of a spot. Since there are often many people coming and going in these types of areas (both by vehicle and on foot), looking before taking off is critical to your safety as well as others. This can help save your life, as well as the lives of others in the vicinity.
  • Approach a gas station parking lot with extreme caution and be sure to slow down during the process. People are often rushing to get in and out of these places in a hurry, making them vulnerable to speeding. Driving at high speeds makes it more difficult to stop in time to avoid hitting other people or objects. When this occurs, numerous people become injured each year as a result.
  • Do not check text messages or use your cell phone while driving in a gas station parking lot. With numerous people frequenting these venues both on foot and in their cars, accidents are bound to happen should someone be distracted.
  • Do not eat or drink while driving out of a parking lot. It is always best to finish eating and/or drinking before taking off. If this is not an option for you, wait to eat and/or drink until you have reached your final destination (i.e., work). These are primary ways in which people can become distracted, making them more likely to cause an accident.
  • Do not use a gas station – especially at night – that is poorly lit. Not only does that make you more attractive to criminals, it can also reduce your visibility to the point where you are unable to see others around you. Moreover, it can also limit the visibility of other drivers, making you prone to injury and even death.
  • Keep a sharp eye out for pedestrians. As mentioned above, pedestrians sometimes become distracted by their purchases or through using a cell phone or some other type of device. Make sure to look where you are going to avoid striking others in your vicinity.
  • Keep your children close by and educate them about parking lot safety. Many times, children are most vulnerable to injury in parking lots due to the fact that they are smaller and less visible to others. Always keep your children close by, perhaps by holding their hand or having them walk directly in front of you, and instruct them about watching where they are going when in a parking lot. Just a few minutes of education can help keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

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