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The United States military has been using drones for many years, using the unmanned aircraft for surveillance as well as tracking and targeting suspected terrorists. Some drones are even equipped with missiles to take out these targets. Over the past few years, however, drone usage in the civilian world has also increased. Even consumers can now purchase drones to use for aerial photography or as a surveillance tool over wide areas of land.

Unfortunately, drones can be unpredictable and there have been reports of the unmanned aircraft crashing into unsuspecting pedestrians. For this reason, many states have enacted laws designed to protect people from the dangers of drones.

Drone Accidents

There is no requirement that you undergo training when you purchase a drone. There are also no regulations that require the aircraft to be inspected to prevent malfunction. There have been incidents throughout the country drone accidents have caused serious concerns.

In Pennsylvania, a 375-pound military drone crashed near an elementary school. No one was injured, but the crash left many people wondering about the safety of all drones. A drone with a video camera attached crashed into a home in Linden, New Jersey last year while another man from the state was arrested for crashing a drone into the Empire State Building.

Injuries Caused by Drones

In some areas of the country, crashing drones have caused serious injury. In Pasadena, an 11-month old child was injured while her mother pushed her in a stroller when a drone slammed into the ground near them, sending sharp pieces into the child’s face and head.

In Southern California, an out-of-control drone crashed at an outdoor movie screening, injuring a young girl. A child in England lost sight in one eye when the propeller from an out-of-control drone sliced his eye. There have been many more crashes that could have led to severe injury, but luckily did not.

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