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Premises Liability: Stair Accident Liability and Proving Fault

Thousands of people trip and fall on stairs each day, leading to injuries that can be catastrophic. If you have been involved in a stair accident, your injury may be severe enough you cannot work or you may be facing extensive medical treatment and the bills that come along with them.

It is possible that the owner of the building where the stairs are located may be liable for your injuries. In order to determine if your injuries are eligible for a premises liability claim, there are certain questions that must be answered.

Were the Stairs Damaged in Some Way?

A common cause of a stair accident is work carpet or wood that creates a slippery surface. Carpet or stairs may also be damaged and if the damage is on the edge of the step, slipping is much more common. Steps may also be made of tile or highly-polished wood that may be more slippery than other types of stair coverage. If these conditions exist, it is possible the building owner could be liable for your injury.

Were Outside Steps Wet or Icy?

Ice or snow covered steps can be treacherous. Although a property owner cannot always be held responsible for the weather and that you should use extra care when inclement weather occurs, it is still possible that the owner may be responsible. Outdoor stairs must be maintained in order to prevent water or ice to build up excessively. If you can show that build-up was excessive, the owner may be liable. In addition, outdoor steps should have special tread that prevents them from becoming slippery when they are wet or icy. If there is no anti-slip surface, you may have a premises liability claim.

Were There Building Code Violations?

Almost every locality has building codes that must be followed that are designed to protect you. This includes stairs. Some of the requirements that may appear in the code in your area may include:

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