Boating and Water Sport Accident Statistics and Common Causes

Boating and Water Sport Accident Statistics and Common CausesClear weather and warm temperatures bring many people outdoors to enjoy recreational activities in the water. Kayaking, boating, and water skiing are a few popular summer activities that should be enjoyed with precaution.

The rate of personal watercraft accidents has remained high throughout the years due to carelessness and inexperience of drivers and passengers. Observe the common causes outlined below and take the necessary precautions to make sure that you and your loved ones are able to enjoy water sports and boating safely.

Inexperienced Driving

A small percentage of personal watercraft drivers have actually taken an opportunity for proper training. In some states, the minimum age to operate a vessel can be as low as 12 years old with supervision. It also varies whether training courses are necessary to allow an individual to take control as the driver of a watercraft.

Off-Throttle Steering

Watercrafts that do not have conventional steering contribute to accidents that occur due to a loss of control. In the state of Florida, it has been reported as the second-leading cause of boating accidents. Manufacturers have been working to eliminate off-throttle steering in newer watercraft models, but drivers of jet skis and propeller boats often experience issues with steering.

Driving Recklessly

Wake JumpingThe leading cause of accidents is as simple as unsafe or careless behavior of the driver. Weaving through congested traffic, wake jumping, following another vessel too closely, and purposely swerving at the last moment to avoid colliding with another vessel are considered reckless behaviors.

Lack of Attention

Crowded waterways cause the congestion that has led to an increase in the rate of collisions. Individuals that are distracted with other passengers, consuming alcohol, or focusing on other activities should never be in control of a watercraft.

Excessive Speed

The maximum speed a boat or other vessel can travel is not always determined by safety standards. Accidents have a higher likelihood to result in fatality when higher speed is involved in a collision. Some engines allow for speeds to exceed 70 miles per hour when pushed to the limit, which will make it more difficult for any driver to control.

In 2012 alone, almost 3,000 boating accidents were reported with at least 650 resulting in death. If you or someone that you loved were hurt in a boating or water sport accident, you have a right to a settlement to cover medical expenses and suffering. You can reach us at 800-Lundylaw anytime you need the help of an experienced legal team fighting for your rights.