Delaware Workers’ Compensation System Undergoing Changes

It is crucial that most Delaware employers carry a good workers’ compensation insurance policy in order to cover the costs in the event a worker is injured or killed on the job; however, the high costs that can often be associated with these policies has forced some businesses to go without, putting both workers and employees at financial risk if an accident occurs.

To help address the inflated rates of the Delaware workers’ compensation insurance system, state lawmakers have approved a bill that is aimed at lowering rates for these policies. Reports indicate experts believe the reforms will slash costs by as much as one-third over the next several years.

An article from the Delaware State News explains this goal will be achieved by addressing problems with fee schedules. Currently, medical costs are responsible for 70 percent of workers’ compensation premiums. By setting maximum reimbursements for workers’ compensation to be no more than 200 percent of the Medicare reimbursement for the same service, the state can effectively lower costs.

The only exception to this rule will be reimbursements for radiology or surgical treatments. The reimbursements for these services will be capped at 250 and 300 percent the cost of a Medicare reimbursement respectively.

Both cutting costs and getting the maximum benefits for workers’ compensation is important to injured workers, as this money is what will support a family until recovery is complete. At Lundy Law, our Delaware personal injury attorneys are here to help ensure you get the benefits you are legally entitled to if you’ve been hurt on the job. So give us a call to discuss your injury and need for workers’ compensation benefits.