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Everyone plays an important role in motorcycle safety. Even if you do not ride a motorcycle, chances are you know someone that does. Our goal at Lundy Law is to help create motorcycle awareness in the Delaware and Lehigh Valley by encouraging everyone – riders, passengers, drivers, and loved ones to take the Biker Safety Pledge.

Motorcyclists can pledge to ride within their limits, ride sober, obey traffic laws, and make safety their greatest priority. Motorists can pledge to always look twice, and to check blind spots before switching lanes. Motorcycles are smaller and harder to see than other vehicles, so double-checking before making a left-hand or changing lanes can help ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

You can sign the pledge as a motorcyclist, motorist, passenger, or loved one. By signing the pledge, you will receive a membership packet in the mail with plenty of goodies. By getting involved on social media, you demonstrate your commitment to riding safely, becoming an advocate, and helping to keep everyone safe.




The Pledge



I Pledge to always wear protective gear. (Helmet, gloves, jacket and boots.)

I Pledge to obey all traffic laws in every state I ride in.

I Pledge to always better my skills of motorcycling by reading and practicing good        riding habits.

I Pledge to ride within my limits.

I Pledge to always ride sober.

I Pledge to make safety one of my riding priorities.



I Pledge to treat motorcyclists with the utmost respect by giving them extra space, always looking twice, using my turn signals, checking my blind spots before switching lanes, and eliminating distractions whenever I’m behind the wheel.

I Pledge to act as if a loved one was riding on each and every motorcycle I see on the road and promise to drive like their life depends on it.



I Pledge to ride only with those individuals who place my safety first, who provide me with the proper riding gear, who separate drinking and riding, and who look to impress me with their concern for my wellbeing, instead of with how fast they ride or how many chances they are willing to take with my life.

Loved Ones

I Pledge to support my loved ones’ enjoyment and pursuit of motorcycling.

I Pledge to encourage them to seek certified riding instruction, to wear the proper protective gear, and to become an Active Advocate for Motorcycling Safety by likewise signing and following this Shared Responsibility Pledge.





LL Biker Safety Pledge


Hurt in an Accident?

Many times, motorcyclists are labeled as reckless or negligent, and are discriminated against by insurance companies who may unfairly deny their claims.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Lundy Law understand what you’re up against if you’re a motorcyclist who has been injured in a crash. Even as you may be dealing with debilitating and costly injuries—such as spinal cord damage, brain injuries, broken bones, lacerations, and severe bruising—your medical bills and legal questions continue to grow. Our law firm can help ensure you get the answers and the compensation you need.

Call 1-800-LundyLaw to speak to one of our representatives.


Motorcycle Insurance

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware motorcyclists are required to carry insurance on their policies.


Call us at 1-800-LundyLaw for more information on what kind of coverage you should have that will help protect you and your passenger.

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