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OVER $1 BILLION in verdicts, settlements, and awards has been collected for our clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware for over 60 YEARS.

Auto Accidents

$1.25 Million – Our client was injured in a rear end collision with a tractor trailer. He suffered a concussion, fractured shoulder, fractured ribs and an aggravation of prior neck and back injuries.  This case was settled for $1.25 million.

$831,000 – Our client was rear-ended while waiting to turn into her driveway. She was injured as a result of the accident and underwent a cervical fusion and lumbar decompression.

$535,000 – Our client was injured in a car accident and suffered from an extensive pre-existing history of neck and back injuries.  As a result he  required multiple surgeries to the affected areas of his body to return him to his pre-accident condition.

$525,000 – Our client was rear-ended on a major highway resulting in serious back injuries requiring surgery.

$250,000 – Our client was rear ended at a red light resulting in a serious knee injury requiring surgery. This case settled for $250,000.

$200,000 – Our client was A New Jersey resident.  He was subject to the verbal threshold making recovery extremely challenging.  Lundy Law was able to establish a legal basis to obtain a significant recovery despite his limited insurance coverage.


Slip & Falls

$975,000 – Our client slipped on on a staircase while making a delivery to a factory. He sustained an aggravation to a pre-existing condition requiring surgery on his neck, shoulder and was disabled from work.  Lundy Law recovered a worker’s compensation recovery for him from his employer as well as personal injury settlement against the owner of the factory.

$600,000 – Our client was injured when she slipped and fell on ice in a parking lot. The defendant disputed liability and argued that our client was at fault.  Lundy Law successfully arbitrated the case, avoided a lengthy trial and obtained a significant result.

$600,000 – Our client was a minor who was seriously injured when she  fell at school. Lundy Law argued that the school was negligent and failed to properly supervise the activities at the school.   Despite the defendant claim that they were not negligent, Lundy Law recovered this significant amount for their client which was placed in a trust to benefit the child.

$525,000 – Our client tripped and fell at a grocery store while shopping.   She slipped on water that leaked from the refrigerator cases.   She fractured her leg necessitating multiple surgeries to repair the injury as well as months of physical therapy.

$135,000 Settlement – Our client tripped and fell on cement resulting in knee fracture.

$95,000 Settlement – Our client was a 65 year old man tripped and fell on an uneven sidewalk resulting in a wrist fracture.

$50,000 Settlement – Our client tripped and fell on an uneven sidewalk resulting in minor fractures to her face.


Workers’ Compensation

$1 Million – Our client was a construction worker who sustained injuries when a roof collapsed. Our client was unable to work and required several surgeries as a result of the injury.

$931,000 – Our client was a 52 year old severely burned at work with contracture injuries to his wrist, elbow and shoulder. They also suffered from PTSD after this horrific incident.

$845,000 – Our client was a 39 year old banker killed in an auto accident after leaving work to go home to work since the heating in the office wasn’t working. She was survived by her husband and 2 minor children. The employer denied the claim stating that the employee was not in the course and scope of her employment.

$450,000 – Our client was a 57 year old with a crush injury to his foot. We were able to obtain a settlement.

$440,000 – Our client was the widow of a construction worker who was killed on a job site as a result of a fall with 3 surviving minor children.

$250,000 – Our client was a 60 year old machine operator who sustained an injury to the leg resulting in surgery and claimed he was unable to work. Lundy Law successfully defended multiple attempts to stop his weekly workers’ compensation benefits.

$220,000 – Our client was a 63 year old African immigrant severely beaten at work by a customer resulting a traumatic brain injury.

$210,000 – Our client was a 58 year old man who sustained aggravation of a pre-existing neck injury requiring surgery. His claim was initially denied but settled after a successful litigation of this case.

$195,000 – Our client was a 34 year old who suffered from a neck and back injury. We reached a settlement following a fully favorable decision. The defense was the injury could not have occurred as described by our client.

$165,000 – Our client was a 50 year old with a fractured leg. We were able to obtain a settlement following a fully favorable decision. The defense argued the injury was not in course of scope of employment.

$150,000 – Our client was a 51 year old customer service representative who slipped and fell injuring her ankle, back, wrist and hand and was unable to return to work due to her injuries.

$130,000 – Our client was a field service technician who suffered injuries to his shoulder requiring surgery after litigating a petition filed by his employer to suspend his benefits.

$125,000 – Our client was a part-time crossing guard who was also a full-time student. He suffered from vision loss in one eye.

$90,000 – Our client was a store supervisor who sustained psychological injuries in the nature of PTSD as a result of an armed robbery when the claim was initially denied by the employer.

$75,000 – Our client was a 30 year old bank teller who was the victim of an armed robbery and sustained post traumatic stress disorder.

$50,000 Settlement – Our client sustained a wrist injury when a box fell on him at work.


Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

$100,000 Settlement – Our client was struck while riding his motorcycle on the highway resulting in a broken arm.



Dog Bites

$540,000 – Our client was viciously attacked by a dog requiring surgery and impacting their life.
$497,500 – Our client was viciously attacked by a dog resulting in injuries that required surgery.

Verdicts and awards have been posted for informational purposes only. Future verdicts or settlements cannot necessarily be predicted from prior results. Statements on this website of prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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